T.A.R.T. is our “Totally Awesome Rolling Toolbox”, a 16′ trailer that contains all of the tools and hardware we need to do your job as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Now you may ask, “Why is this important for me to know?”.  Well I’ll tell you why.  With TART all of our tools come with us and are stored in a system that makes sure we can go right to anything we need to get the job done. We don’t have to rummage around in the back of a van or pickup truck trying to find a wrench, pair of pliers, or power tool. Remember, you are typically paying for handyman services by the hour. Do you want your handyman spending 15 minutes in his truck or van looking for a tool? And by the way charging you for that time?  

           Even if you are paying for the job on a fixed price basis and you think, "Well I don't care if he spends 15 minutes looking for a tool." Think again.  That is now your time that is being wasted, and that has value too!  Plus an efficient handyman is actually able to make more money for himself and as such is a happier and better handyman.

            I'm not knocking the guys that may not have made the investment that we have in our TART but it may be something you want to think about. We value your time and money and have made the investment in our Totally Awesome Rolling Toolbox as our best way to both show and prove that commitment.