What is the ACHP ?

The ACHP is the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals and is an organization  established to provide a standard of excellence in the handyman industry.  To be a member of the ACHP the handyman must pass a Level I certification exam and a code of ethics exam. More advanced handyman may also seek the Level II and Level III exams.  Handyman members can choose to be either annual or lifetime members of the ACHP.


What does ACHP certification mean to you the customer?

Anyone can start a business and call themselves a handyman. So how do you know that you are getting someone who really knows what they are doing? ACHP membership and certification are the best way to be assured that you are getting a professional, competent, and skilled handyman to accomplish your projects. ACHP members have proven to their peer that they have the skills necessary to  call themselves a professional handyman.

Our Listing with the ACHP.

Below is the link to our listing on the ACHP website.  It gives our information and shows the certification exams that we have passed. When choosing a handyman please make sure that you are hiring the best. And choose a handyman that has gone to the expense and work to become certified.